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Find Black Butcher Block Island. A good butcher block is an essential addition to any kitchen and greatly contributes to the quality of prep work. Whether you have separate cutting boards for different types of products or you do all of the chopping work on one fixture, take a look at how different kitchens inteā€¦

Butcher block, a naturally beautiful and warm-toned material, is a popular kitchen island countertop. Many butcher block finishes and grains allow cooks to chop and prepare meals directly on the countertop surface.

Butcher-block kitchen countertops have traditionally been very popular and these days are often used as companion tops with other materials, such as solid-surface tops. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, they can receive hot pans without damage. You can make up your own butcher-block

A butcher block island is a staple in any farmhouse kitchen. They can be customized to almost any style or taste, and they always look classy and timeless. Butcher block islands add warmth to fresh renovations and character to the space. The best part is they are incredibly easy to build yourself, without the need for expensive tools.

DIY Butcher Block Kitchen Island Step 1: Island Design. In order to fit comfortably in my friends' kitchen, Step 2: Making the Island Top. Rather than trying to make the butcher block top from scratch, Step 3: Making the Legs. For the legs, I bought 4x4s, but they seemed way too big and

Earlier this week I shared how I built this kitchen island for my mom. As promised, today I'm going to show you how I built the butcher block table top for it. I went back and forth, fretting over whether to build a butcher block table top or to buy one.