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The drain collar, or flange, in your bathroom sink helps connect the waste pipe and drain of your sink. Over time, the metal of the collar can become discolored, rusted or cracked, which means

A sink stopper's purpose is to hold water within the basin of the sink by blocking the sink's drain opening. Kohler's line of bathroom sinks are fitted with a shaft-operated stopper conveniently positioned between the faucet handles. When the stopper is actuated, a linkage beneath the sink pulls the stopper down.

When you need to replace your bathroom sink stopper the first tip is to remove the old one and take it with you to your ironmongery or plumbing store to make sure to match the pop-up assembly when purchasing the new sink stopper. To do so you will need to remove it by means of an adjustable spanner wrench or pliers.

What has happened in the sink, is the pop-up mechanism (or assembly) has broken. When a pop-up assembly is working correctly, it is fairly simple, using leverage to open and close the drain. When you pull up on the lift rod on the back of your sink, the stopper is closed, and when you push the rod down, the stopper opens.

To replace a sink stopper, first, follow the vertical bar of the stopper beneath your sink. Then, undo the clamp that connects the bar to the angled rod that enters the drainpipe by pinching and separating it. After that, unscrew the nut holding the angled rod and pull it off.