Scandinavian Sofa Beds Uk | Home Decoration 2020

Gomera Single Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is two pieces of furniture in one - a comfy sofa by day and a handy guest bed or even permanent one by night. It's therefore ideal for small apartments like studios or bedsits where you use one room as both bedroom and living room, or functions as emergency sleeping arrangements for guests that are staying over.

Scandinavian Furniture is becoming increasingly popular, with its white and wooden finishes, as well as pastel tones. Now is the right time to add some Scandinavian Furniture to your home.

The Ki bed is a low, platform bed without a headboard, the deep front foot panel shows the ash grain beautifully. A back-drop of rustic wooden panels of white-washed timber adds to the Scandinavian feel. The cosy wool throws and layers of bedding in shades of grey, white and cream ensure the rustic style feels luxurious.

Scandinavian sofa beds are compact and stylish. They allow you to introduce a new modern twist to your design and add more sleeping space to your home at the same time. Wayfair offers a variety of Scandinavian models, from boxy sofas to round models. Start shopping for a new sofa today, and you'll be ready to invite an overnight guest in no time.

Home is a place where each piece of furniture has its own story to tell. Perhaps you hang your coat on your grandmother's old coat rack, furnish each room with Alvar Aalto furniture or display your books on a shelf which still has the scent of new wood. Welcome to discover your new favourite pieces of Scandinavian design furniture!

That's why a predominant material of Scandinavian style furniture UK is natural wood. Those sturdy modern furniture with its delicate lines and timeless appeal takes up very little visual space giving you the opportunity to initiate the interior full of personalized accessories and trinkets.