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Stucco On Fireplace

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Stucco On Fireplace

Posted by Brin Aluin on Monday, 24 February, 2020 10:13:37

Apply the Stucco With a notched trowel, run a series of grooves in the first coat of stucco. This will help the second coat to adhere better. Use a straight, steel trowel to apply the second coat of stucco.

Structo-Lite plaster render over a brick or cinderblock fireplace Kirk Giordano plastering Inc. link to purchase all the tools we prefer using in our teaching videos such as stucco/plastering

Decorative Stucco Overlay on Fireplace. March 22, 2011 By Michael Olding. How many of you have an old fireplace or are installing a new one and would like something a little different? A decorative stucco overlay for your existing or new fireplace can be the answer to your problems! Most old

LESLIE: Renee in Texas has a fireplace project. What can we help you with? RENEE: Hi. Yes, I'd like to know if I can - I have a brick front fireplace and I'd like to cement over it so that it looks like stucco and matches the wall.

Stucco fireplaces are a breeze to paint. All it takes is a coat of primer, and a coat or two of paint. We used a roller for both, and a brush to get the hard-to-reach corners. We went back and forth a ton, on whether we wanted a white or a charcoal black fireplace.

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